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Profession Restart Kit

Choose your new profession..

Former 12 Month Veteran Reward, tradable, now no longer obtainable.

Existing players who have claimed the "Anti-Decay" kit will have an additional respec option available to them.

With the removal of item damage and decay, the "Anti-Decay Kit" veteran reward is not as useful as it once was. Rather than deleting these items or leaving them with a useless ability, they are being changed into a new rare useful item: the Profession Restart Kit.

It is similar to the Character Respec Device which all veteran players received after Publish 25 and since Game Update 7, it works exactly as a profession respec obtained with the Profession counselor NPCs, which means it sets the player to the appropriate Combat, Crafter or Entertainer Level after a respec.

The Profession Restart Kit is one-shot only. Once you use it to change classes, it will cease to exist. Politician and Pilot levels will be unaffected if you use your Profession Respec Kit to choose a different profession, and so are your faction rankings, quests and bio-linked items.

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