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Jump to Lightspeed Part 1 Edit

This is the first part of Publish 11: Jump to Lightspeed. Next week on October 27th, the second part of Publish 11 will be updated to the live service and anyone who has the Jump to Lightspeed expansion will be enabled for JtL. Purchase your copy today!

Entertainer Quests Edit

Entertainer quests have been added to all of the theaters in planetary cities. Entertainers, Dancers and Musicians can all participate in this quest by visiting the theaters and speaking with the theater manager NPC. By speaking with this NPC, Entertainers, Dancers and Musicians can sign up for an audition. Once players have passed the audition, the theater manager will extend an offer for a performance series. The performance series consists of three shows and three promotional campaigns.

When the time comes for a show to begin, audience members will enter the theater. The performing player will have an opportunity to speak to the audience to try and determine what type of music, dance, or flourishes they like, and what they dislike. When the show starts, the player will receive feedback indicating the audience reaction to the performance. Once players complete the all three shows to the satisfaction of the audience, the theater manager will reward them with a new song or dance (rewards are given for Musicians and Dancers. Entertainers may participate and earn the reward, but they will not be able to use it until they become Musicians or Dancers.)

Update List Edit


  • Many new emotes are now available for all players

Bazaar / Vendor

  • Fixed item ghosting issues on Bloodfin and Kauri


  • Droids will remain the color you paint them for a very long time.


  • NPC's will use chat moods and the appropriate chat bubble type. Many NPC's have been added in and around Starports, with things to say about Pilots and Shipwrights.

Profession: Architect

  • Pre-JTL Architect schematics: Space crafting station

Profession: Armorsmith

  • Ithorian and Sullustan armor is now available

Profession: Artisan

  • Pre-JTL Artisan schematics: Space crafting tool

Profession: Droid Engineer

  • Pre-JTL Droid Engineer schematics: Space crafting station module

Profession: Tailor

  • Ithorian and Sullustan wearables are now available


  • Fixed a problem with POI spawns only spawning once per day
  • Pilot, Pilot Recruiter and Shipwright NPC's are placed throughout the world. They will only respond if you are JtL enabled.


  • Vehicles will remain the color you paint them for a very long time.


  • Fixed Mirla and The Guard not spawning in the Warren

Profession: Architect

  • Pre-JTL Architect schematics: Space crafting station

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