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Jump to Lightspeed Expansion Publish Part 2 Edit

Jump to Lightspeed Part 2 This is the second part of Publish 11: Jump to Lightspeed. Today's publish includes the last files need to enable Jump to Lightspeed.

To Log in to Jump to Lightspeed

  • Patch the ground game as normal
  • Register your JTL key on the registration page
  • Please exit and restart the launchpad after JTL registration.

This will complete the patch process for JTL

To Activate your Pre-Order Flash Speeder:

  • You must enter both your Pre-Order key and your retail key to claim your reward (2 keys total)
  • If you have not entered your beta key, then you can enter your Pre-Order key in either of these locations:

Then on the left hand side of the Launchpad, just underneath the "chat" button, you will see a "Register Expansion" button. Click that button to start the registration process. Enter your JtL retail key as prompted and when you are completed, your account will be JtL Enabled and your Flash Speeder deed will be in your inventory.

To Claim your Sorosuub 3000 Veteran reward: To claim your Party Barge, your account must be "JtL Enabled". Once your account is flagged for JtL, simply log into the game and a dialogue box will open up and prompt you through claiming your reward. (To claim the SoroSuub yacht requires that you have had 180 days of uninterrupted account membership.)

Shared Assets Edit

Please be aware that there are many "shared images" in the JtL Expansion such as ship components and other items which have a "default appearance". If you do not purchase and enable JtL, you will only see the "Default Appearance" of these items and not the item itself. Players who have JtL and players who do not have JtL may see different appearances of some in-game items in this case.

Graphics Options Edit

There are new graphics options with JtL that are automatically enabled for all players. One thing players can do to improve their game performance is to check their graphics settings. Press CTRL-O in game and open up your options window. Click the "Graphics" button and turn features on or off to suit your needs.

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