Recommended combat levels: 25 and higher

Quelling the Varactyl is a special Kashyyyk, which takes part within the Rodian Hunting Grounds. This quest has a highly enjoyed quality; it is one of three 100% Repeatable quests, allowing virtually endless flows of money and EXP. However, due to the ability to repeat, the Varactyl in the area are often in low amounts. It is highly recommended that, if you are to venture there, locate a group to join, or start a group yourself, in order to keep everyone in the game.

Recommended Combat Level: The stated targets are about CL28 (as of 1/20/06), so CL 30 and/or group is highly recommended.

  • Credits: 2000
  • EXP: 150

Starting the Quest Edit

Talk to Ortha Ledox Edit

Speak to said Rodian. (Waypoint: 553 -654) You will learn the background story of the quest; [A Varactyl accidentally got loose from its owner into the Kashyyyk wildlife; they breed rapidly, and because they have no natural lifelines on the planet, they virtually have no natural predators, allowing them to affect the balance of the ecosystem.] And he hires you to kill a few varactyl and collect their plumes. He offers well pay.

Collecting Varactyl Plumes Edit

After you have finished the conversation with him, go out into the open area around [and leading back to] the Rodian Hunting Grounds. The varactyl spawn fairly quickly, however, you will also want to work quickly to take them out. You must kill 8 varactyls to collect plumes. On a VERY rare occasion will you not receive the plume.

  • If you really are looking to speed up the time it takes to finish this mission, 'LOOT THE VARACTYLS'. Not only do they spawn several times faster, you can sell most of the items you harvest to the fence who resides about 5 meters away from the Rodian who gives the quest. It is possible that, at the end of a few hours of grinding, you can find yourself 100k credits richer, which can turn out to be some pretty good pocket money. If you use this method and are in a group, you can end up finishing this quest within approximately two minutes. (maybe less than minute if everyone in a group has their quests in synch with each others) This is also the best 'level up, get rich quick' quest there is; even though other ones give you more xp per quest, you can finish this quest much faster. (Example: you get about 300 xp (doing this quest twice) in the time it takes you to do the 'Task Force Bravo' quest once for 310 xp.)

Return to Ortha Edit

now that you have killed the Varactyls, return to the Rodian where you last met him to receive your reward.

Rinse, and Repeat (optional) Edit

If you wish, you may talk with the Rodian again and start the quest over again, multiple times to your liking.

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