Previous Quest: Catch the Escaped Murderer


Accessing the Mainframe

Level: 26


  • 3012 Quest XP
  • 2214 credits


You can finally access the info about the Droid AI now. So head over to the RSF computer (-5532 4542) inside Theed palace. Select it, and open the radial menu, and select Access Computer.

You will have to select various Queries to get info about various old republic droid modules. There doesn’t appear to be a specific order required, so we'll start with the first one:

Query: Old Republic Droid Modules (then)
Query: No. 1: Positional Awareness Triangulator Chip - this is what you'll be searching for - (then)
Query: Last Known Location (which gives the next quest)

Next Quest: Old Republic Droid Modules: The Mouse Droid

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