To understand the Roughneck Warriors one must know the origin of the Roughnecks.

    ''"The sand blew violently across the street out in front of the Mos Eisley Cantina, as four warriors from different lands all entered its refuge. Beastacca, the Wookie from Kashyyyk, technician and Smuggler. Crevossk, the mute Trandoshan who lost his tongue as a hatchling from slavers, and then promptly tore off their heads with his bare claws. Lucas McCoy, the Human, who was born and raised in those very streets, and in those streets learned the ways of the gun to become a revered Bounty Hunter. And Vix Acworth, combat genious and fearless Zabrak.
     Through many adventures in discovering this new land and many card games of sabbacc, the four became more than just a team, more than just friends. They became brothers…
     The Roughneck Brotherhood, legendary as the first gathering of those who fly under the banner of the Roughnecks. Along with the original four, RB contained some of the most prominent men and women of Wanderhome such as Zalas, Tluth, Aliamere, Omest. It just so happened that Lucas McCoy met the latter of those great warriors, Omest Odegla, on a hunt outside of Mos Eisley to make enough money to purchase the first guild hall. Along on the same hunt was the great Fiahow Imai. With the help of their two new friends the Roughneck Brotherhood bought their first guild hall (pictured at top of page). As the guild progress, with additions of the husband and wife Boj Huntoy and Dimmu Borgir, the trandoshan general Tutok Thutoug, the architect Neel Darklight (owner of the lone Imperial Base of Beleg Tessa), the tailor Arual Niva, Mapes the doctor, the legendary Calara'Alavel brothers, the mysterious rebel gunslinger Zalas, and MANY more, it became aparent that the Roughnecks would soon need more room. 
     They packed up and away from Mos Stratehks and Bestine to form their own city. Thus the legacy of Beleg Tessa, stonghold of the Roughneck forces began. Years after its formation, and with the arise of a new group calling themselves Descension of Anarchy, it was imperative that a new division be formed to counter this threat.
     The Roughneck Warriors were founded to offensively take out the enemies of the brotherhood, and defensively protect their home of Beleg Tessa on Tatooine. Along with the 'bash brothers' Tluth and Aliamere, Vix began building their guild's foundation. Many of their members also began training in the ways of the force."''

The Roughneck Warriors is the PvP division of The Roughneck Brotherhood. For over two years it has survived and dominated the battlefields of Wanderhome. Currently led by Vix Acworth (aka: Famine, Rays Hope, & (Colonel) Sanders) and boasts a roster of over 100 guildmates.

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