Raexu Edit




Raexu commanding the Y-8 "Avenger"

In Game Name: Raexu

Profession: Spy

Server: Euro-Farstar

Guild: Imperial Navy Command (INC)

Faction: Imperial

RP Bio:

Born and raised on Iridonia, Raexu was taken away into Imperial custody, and went into intense combat training on an Imperial Star Destroyer. A few years later, He became an accomplished Scout Trooper, and captain of the Y-8 "Avenger". After a while, He retired as a Scout Trooper, and currently hangs out in Mos Eisley.

Behind the ScenesEdit

I don't remember much when I first created this character, though I do remember:

  • He had a red tattoo
  • He had blue eyes
  • He was ugly (lol)
  • I don't remember why I named him "Raexu", I must have used the random name generator...

--Xlicer 08:07, 23 January 2007 (CET)

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