Rare Painting

Rare Painting (Elections)


Rare Painting (RLS)

There was one day back Pre-CU where a bug allowed players to use the Pick Up radial command on items you could target in NPC Structures, such as the Rare Painting in Victor Visalis' Office in Bestine. Even though, it resulted from a bug, SOE has not removed it from the very few that got one.

This was the original way it was acquired around the launch of SWG, but there is apparently a way to get it from Victor Visalis when he wins the Bestine Political Election, under *extremely rare* circumstances:

This painting is still available via the Bestine Elections.
It is very, very rare.  No, we have no plans to make it
less rare or to change the method by which it is given out.
-Dotanuki - August 2008

As of Hotfix 17.10, it's also a legendary loot in the Rare Loot System.

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