Recommended combat levels: 30 and higher


  • 10765 Quest XP
  • 10090 Credits


Previous: Find the Missing Shipment of Starship Components

Ral needs you to trace the delivery route taken by the transport which was supposed to deliver the goods. This will require you having a ship of some kind, naturally.

Launch into space, and head over to the waypoints supplied. The third waypoint you will be jumped by 3 Tier 1 Hutt Ships - kill them and head back to Ral to complete the Quest.

/way space_corellia 5617 -3748 -3385
/way space_corellia 3041 -1188 -1777

Ral has new information for you; the Ragtag gang is involved, and you need to "intimidate" them to find out what they know.

  • kill 6 Ragtags (CL29), they are found outside most cities of Corellia (since you are in Coronet, start there); a good place with respawn upon looting is /way -519 -4971
/way purple corellia -519 -4971 ragtags;
  • kill Tomi Jinsin (CL32) in his Coronet bunker
/way orange corellia -527 -5053 Tomi Jinsin;

Once you have killed Tomi, you are to head to the Coronet Capital building (/way corellia -211 -4506) to find the shipment Ral is missing. The shipment is located at:

/way purple corellia -194 -4595 shipping crates;

Return to Ral Mundi. Once you have spoken to Ral, return to Lt Jasper (/way corellia -69 -4634 Lt Jasper) to complete the Quest.

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