Level: 40


  • 220 XP
  • 50 Rebel Faction
  • 1000 Credits

This is part of the Crisis of allegiance quest.

Description Edit

Capt Quellium

Capt. Quellium

Capt. Quellium wants you to retrieve some medical supplies stolen by a group known as the Nightstrike Soldier Hegemony (N.S.H.). He also wants you to report to Trezya Nenei to see if there is something she might need. Trezya can be found in the same room as Capt. Quellium.

/way white 275 -3135 Trezya;

Once you get to the complex go inside and get the crates. The crates can be found in these locations:

/way purple -4561 -3362 (5 crates);
/way purple -4586 -3410 (4 crates);
/way purple -4603 -3390 (4 crates);
/way purple -4582 -3359 (4 crates);
/way purple -4595 -3359 (4 crates);
/way purple -4615 -3378 (4 crates);

Trezya Nenei wants you to free a wookie medical officer named Syirlabradawk

/way orange -4553 -3307 Syirlabradawk;

who has been imprisoned by the N.S.H. Complete the following objectives:

  • kill 25 Enforcers (circle around the bunker on the outside)
  • kill a Sergent (outside)
  • slice the Mainframe
/way orange -4635 -3270 Mainframe;

There are enforcers inside but they are in fewer quantities.

  • Once you kill him the mission completes and you've set the wookie free, but he asks you to help him out. He gives another mission. To located the following items:
/way green -4588 -3340 Supply Officer;
/way green -4629 -3314 Medical Droid;
/way green -4560 -3284 N.S.H. Torture Officer;

Note; The N.S.H. bunker is a great place to pick up Acolyte robe if your character is a Jedi.

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