Level: 29



The last Gungan artifact Boss Nass needs you to find for him has been broken into 6 pieces, and you must locate all the pieces from all over the planet of Naboo:

  • 1. Darkwalker Cave at Dee'ja Peak (4979 -2026) (in the odd little side room with the fires and sideways wind turbines, on a cafe table, /way 4979 -2026). Take the left tunnel once inside cave,then go in a room in the right once in the cave when you go to the left tunnel.
  • 2. Mummer Bunker at Theed (-4548 3643) (in the bottom most "guardroom" at /way -4540 3629)
  • 3. Moenia University Hall in Moenia (4772 -4927) (Actually at a ruined temple like structure almost directly in front of the Hall, up the steps and around the corner to /way 4770 -4927). The artifact is visible from the steps of the Hall.
  • 4. Keren Bank in Keren (1742 2641) ("Near" being such a vaguely relative term (the Moon is NEAR the Earth after all), the part is actually 50m away from the quest waypoint, NW of the bank terminal on a pedestal at /way 1743 2639)
  • 5. Mauler Stronghold at Keren Note: Outside the bunker! (2925 1106) (See above statement about the word "near.") Opposite the large building that is the POI Stronghold, under a canopy with 2 maulers (CL 30), on some crates at /way 2926 1104.
  • 6. Skaak Tipper Hideout at Kaadara (6599 7098) (Same room as mouse droid, on table in corner (/way 6600 7099).

Whew. Once you’ve found them all, return and speak to Boss Nass to complete the Quest.

And here for easy C&P:

/way 4979 -2026 yellow Artifact 1;
/way -4540 3629 yellow Artifact 2;
/way 4770 -4927 yellow Artifact 3;
/way 1743 2639 yellow Artifact 4;
/way 2926 1104 yellow Artifact 5;
/way 6600 7099 yellow Artifact 6;

Next: Find the Passcode for the Ultragungan Droids

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