Level: 28


  • 9540 Quest XP
  • 9432 credits
  • Bluefish (5 use, 485 healing power food)


Next target: Skaak Tippers - you must hate them by now. Head to the Skaak Tipper Bunker (/way -1642 -5355) and kill the following:

  • 9 Skaak Tipper Raiders CL29 (Inside the Bunker)
  • 11 Skaak Tipper Pariahs CL28 (Outside the Bunker)
  • Tomi Skaak (CL28 Elite) in a small room at the bottom left of the Bunker.

Now find the artifact you need. Click on the "An Unmarked Crate":

/way purple -1628 -5299 Unmarked Crate;

Surprise! You must now travel to Dee'ja Peak, as "Dee Skaak" has taken the artifact. So it's off to the Skaak Tipper Cave (/way 4557 -935), to find and kill:

  • Dee Skaak (CL30) ( /way 4459 -1060 Dee Skaak )
/way orange 4459 -1060 Dee Skaak;

Recover the artifact, return to the swamps and speak to Boss Nass. Quest Complete.

Next: Recover the Gungan Artifact stolen by the Muskegs

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