Finally! The sequencer

Level: 30


  • 13755 Quest XP
  • 9524 credits
  • Explorer’s Pants (buff)


Kill mission, pure and simple. Head back to the Darkwalker’s cave and eliminate the following (Flangolial must be defeated prior to Triennial, otherwise you'll have to kill Triennial again):

  • 9 Darkwalker Vindicators (CL28)
  • 11 Darkwalker Guardiols (CL28)
  • Flangolial, a Darkwalker Scientist (CL29) (4960 -1918), 5 minute respawn timer
  • Triennial, a Darkwalker Bloodlord (CL30) (4843 -1960), 5 minute respawn timer

All done. Return and speak to Tanoa. She will give you a completed sequencer which you should return to Professor Zanier Hudmasse. Quest Complete.

Next: Old Republic Droid Modules: The Droideka (part 2)

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