A dance performed by an Entertainer requiring a moderate amount of floorspace. This is a medium paced dance with some fairly interesting moves, but because most dancers perform in a cantina, which is fairly crowded, you don't see it performed very often.

Rhythmic (Dance)Edit

Obtained in: Entertainer >> Entertainer Fundamentals III

Rhythmic 2 (Dance)Edit

Obtained in: Entertainer >> Entertainer Fundamentals IV

Dance Card Edit

Flourish NumberTimingCatchword
112.0 sFeed the Chickens
29.0 sGo-Go
310.0 sCantina Shuffle
45.0 sSpin and Jump
55.0 sJump Splits
65.0 sArm Swoop
713.0 sToe Touches
815.0 sMonkey Jump

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