Vengeance Ion Cannon

... Vengeance Ion Cannon...

Kymayrr is very pleased with your work - but she has terrible news. Her son, Rroot, has been captured by the slavers! She asks you to rescue him. Return to the Blackscale slaver camp in the Web Weaver Path of the Rryatt Trail. Rroot spawns in the holding cell at the very rear of the camp. He will need you to go back and kill some of the feral wookiees to get a code to allow him to escape. When you return to him and converse you will be attacked by 3 Blackscale slavers (CL81), kill them and speak to Rroot again, freeing him. Return to Kymayrr for your reward. These Blackscale will spawn and attack from where the pack of blackscales are, which can make the fight rather difficult.

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