Level: 21


To keep droids disciplined I need escaped droids destroyed before they exit system.
  • Tatooine System: Destroy R3-B57

You can use Jabba's Space Terminal to Launch. So make sure you're parked here.

Jabba's space terminal is located behind the palace.

Three parts to this space quest:

1 x Valarian Smuggler Tier 2 Kimogila
3 x Valarian Bomber Tier 1 Kimogila

1 x Ay'Nat Yacht
3 x Ay'Nat Enforcer XWIng Tier 2

1 x Heavy Freighter Tier 3
1 x Gunship (Rebel Style) Tier 2

The Heavy Freighter will get away while dealing with the Gunship so you will need to disable it. The Gunship can be defeated by a tier 1 pilot (though not recommended) but you will have a better chance in a tier 2 . The Gunship prefers to joust however the gunners do not seem to be able to shoot well straight forward off the nose of the ship or straight back off the rear so feel free to oblige it with out fear of being damaged much. So the best way to fight the Gunship is to make attack runs while you head right at it, then hit your booster right when you fly by to get distance and time to recharge the shields. Attack the weapons first and when it loses two you can fight it normally. There is also another way to kill the gunship, if you fly under it and stay under it, the gunners shouldn't be able to hit from beneath. This also works on other Rebel gunships.

If you fail this mission you will have to go back to EV-9D9 and tell him "the droids have escaped" then you can re accept the mission. You can not however switch to the land based mission once the space one is accepted the first time, but you CAN switch missions by simply deleting the mission and talking to the droid again. When talking to the droid, be sure not to say "yes, I can fly in space."

Then head back to EV-9D9 to collect reward.
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