Space Pirates

PA Abbreviation: SP

PA Mission Statement: A PA for shady characters living on the fringe of the law. Bounty Hunters, Smugglers, Gamblers, Gangsters, Thugs and Pirates WELCOME. The PA itself is NEUTRAL, accepting members of any GROUND affiliation. In space we are exclusively PRIVATEERS. We want to have fun without any stress and help each other out. Roleplaying is encouraged, but isn't mandatory.

Number of Members: 60 +

Location: Tombstone, Tatooine; 2 km south of Mos Entha. /way 1100 1230. This is our own pirate place and base of operations. Tombstone will remain small and will NOT have a shuttleport.

Accepting new members: Yes

Requirements to be Considered for Membership:

1) You must be an adult, mature and reasonable person with good humour who doesn't stress. 
3) We are Hutt friendly. Therefore you MUST have Jabba's Badge of Trust.
4) We are SPACE Pirates. We want to be able to fly together, so you should be a PRIVATEER PILOT.
5) You must register at and use our own pirate forum.
6) We are Star Wars FANS. So should you be.

In-game Contacts: Aase, Akil, Cirdan, FireRaven, Gavindar, Griech, Istar, John', Lacq (leader), LightRaven, Maurra, Peer, Randal, Recu, Tengor, Veytok.

Website URL: Space Pirates Forum

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