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Jedi is a profession based on the character of Luke Skywalker. Jedi are individuals that feel a connection to the energy that surrounds all living things and binds the galaxy together, known as the Force. They are, in other words, highly attuned to the flow of the Force. Jedi can, with training, learn to sense and manipulate the Force.

The ultimate rank of a Jedi character is Jedi Master. Jedi Masters are force sensitive beings that can use their powers to overcome and control their enemies and master the art of Lightsaber combat. A Jedi Master may embrace the Light or Dark side of the Force. Jedi may choose to join either the Rebel Alliance or the Galactic Empire.

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Star Wars Galaxies trailer "5 years"

Star Wars Galaxies trailer "5 years"


23 November 2012

  • SWG Wiki is now nine years old!

2 June 2012

  • We are pleased to announce the launch of 1313 Wiki! Our sister wiki is dedicated to the upcoming Star Wars 1313 game by LucasArts.

22 December 2011

15 December 2011

  • The end is here! Head to the Sarclacc pit on Tatooine to spend your last hours in the game together with other players. Jabba is waiting there and his entourage is ready to entertain you.

1 December 2011

  • That time is nearly upon us, the Star Wars Galaxies servers close in a fortnight. An announcement has been made regarding the final day's activities. [2]

23 November 2011

  • SWG Wiki is now eight years old!

17 November 2011

12 November 2011

18 August 2011

24 June 2011

  • It has been announced that Star Wars Galaxies is due to shut down on 15 December 2011. [3]
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