Even though it is the Imperial capitol of Tatooine, Bestine is not as safe as it could be. With all the beasts and bandits, traveling in and out of the city on foot can be dangerous. But, one man wants to change that. Help Gerak Vurtimis (-1253, -3617) make the city a little safer for travelers.

Level: 3


Kill 10 worrts and return to Gerak Vurtimis in Bestine.

Recommended combat levels: 5 and higher

Conversation with Gerak VurtimisEdit

Gerak Vurtimis: I cannot believe how blasted nasty this place has become!
PC: What do you mean?
Gerak Vurtimis: You haven't noticed all the creatures and bandits swarming around outside of town? It's so bad that you can't travel without a shuttle or blaster rifle. And my son has neither and is coming to visit soon. I'm afraid for him.
PC: I'd be happy to clear the way.
Gerak Vurtimis: Thank you! First thing, I need you to go thin out the worrt population. Come back when you are done.

Kill the WorrtsEdit


A Worrt

Finding the worrts around Bestine will not be an easy task. While there are a lot of variations, you will not get credit for killing them. You have to kill the ones that only say, "worrt" and nothing else. Also, there is not a whole lot of those. Unless you can find some more somewhere else, you will may have to kill and wait for more to respawn. Around Bestine, you can find worrts around these areas:
/way tatooine -937 -3796 Worrt Location #1
/way tatooine -1128 -3436 Worrt Location #2
/way tatooine -1328 -3439 Worrt Location #3
/way tatooine -1273 -3877 Worrt Location #4
/way tatooine -1380 -4049 Worrt Location #5

Return to Gerak VurtimisEdit

Head back into Bestine and talk to Gerak Vurtimis.

Gerak Vurtimis: How are you doing with the worrts?
PC: I'm done.
Gerak Vurtimis: Excellent! Thanks for taking care of that. I transferred some credits into your bank account. Come back and talk to me when you are ready for another job.

If you choose to, you can speak to Gerak Vurtimis and take Safety Measures Part 2.

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