When you helped Gerak Vurtimis (-1253, -3617) in Safety Measures, he told you that if you wanted another job to talk to him. If you want to continue to help him rid the outskirts of Bestine of beasts and bandits.

Level: 3


Kill 10 rills and return to Gerak Vurtimis in Bestine.

Recommended combat levels: 5 and higher

Conversation with Gerak VurtimisEdit

Gerak Vurtimis: Welcome back. I have another assignment if you are willing.
PC: Sure. I'm always ready for a good fight.
Gerak Vurtimis: There's an infestation of rills. Please go kill 10 of them.

Kill the RillsEdit


A Rill

Just like with the worrts, finding the rills around Bestine will not be an easy task. Again, there are a lot of variations, you will not get credit for killing them. You have to kill the ones that only say, "rill" and nothing else. Also, there is not a whole lot of those. Unless you can find some more somewhere else, you will may have to kill and wait for more to respawn. Around Bestine, you can find rills around these areas:
/way tatooine -917 -3604 Rill Location #1
/way tatooine -1486 -3797 Rill Location #2
/way tatooine -1199 -3861 Rill Location #3

Return to Gerak VurtimisEdit

Head back into Bestine and talk to Gerak Vurtimis.

Gerak Vurtimis: How are you doing with the rills?
PC: I'm finished what you wanted.
Gerak Vurtimis: Fantastic! I transferred a few credits to your account to offset your operating costs. Now, I'm tracking down some information. I'll have it in a moment or two if you don't mind waiting.

If you choose to, you can speak to Gerak Vurtimis and take Safety Measures Part 3.

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