When you helped Gerak Vurtimis (-1253, -3617) in by ridding the outskirts of Bestine from vermin, now he needs a little help with bandits.

Level: 3


Kill brigands to recover 12 crates of stolen goods and return to Gerak Vurtimis in Bestine.

Recommended combat levels: 5 and higher

Conversation with Gerak VurtimisEdit

Gerak Vurtimis: Hello again! Now that I know that you are an accomplished hunter, I can tell you about something that is far more serious and dangerous than the pests near the city.
PC: What fo you mean?
Gerak Vurtimis: About a week ago, a particular nasty gang of thugs ambushed a caravan of people who were moving to the city. There were... no survivors.
PC: That's terrible!
Gerak Vurtimis: Yes. While I know that getting the families' lost possessions back will not make up for the loss of their loved ones, at least it will help with their debts, and maybe give them something to remember their children by.
PC: I will get the possessions back, if you want me to.
Gerak Vurtimis: Thank you. I know that they will appreciate this.

Recover Stolen GoodsEdit

Gerak will send you to the Brigand Camp just about 2500m away at /way 1145 -3920. When you get there, you will see four aggressive CL 1 Brigands. The unfortunate part is that these are the only Brigands you will find. So, you need to kill these four and wait for more to respawn(approx 5 minutes for each brigand) until you get all 12 kills.

Return to Gerak VurtimisEdit

Head back into Bestine and talk to Gerak Vurtimis.

Gerak Vurtimis: Have you found everything yet?
PC: Yes. Here they are.
Gerak Vurtimis: This will be such a great help to them. Thank you very much. You deserve more, but this is all that I have for now.

If you choose to, you can speak to Gerak Vurtimis and take Safety Measures Part 4.

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