Salon in Bestine, Tatooine

Note: It is unknown what effect salons have in-game with the NGE changes. References to "skill points" etc below no longer apply to the game post-NGE.

Also known as an ID Tent, a Salon is a structure available in select static cities that allows Image Designers to work more efficiently. ID's are able to do all of their functions outside of a Salon, but the best place to find one would be here. A Salon halves the cosmetic and body timers so that cosmetic changes take 30 seconds and body changes take 1 minute for non-masters.

The decoration and ambient music inside of a Salon make it a soothing, enjoyable place to wait. While Image Designers provide an important function in the game, very few choose to invest skill points in it, so it is often very difficult to find one in game.

Note: Wounds cannot be healed inside of a Salon, just as they cannot in a Cantina.

Salon LocationsEdit

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