A dangerous crash site

Level: 28


  • 9540 Quest XP
  • 9412 credits
  • Detachable Weapon Scope (ranged buff)
  • Detachable Sword Scope (melee buff)


Head to a crashed shuttle that was carrying research equipment, and see if you can salvage anything. The area is surrounded by Narglatch (CL26-27).

  • Kill 11 Rabid Narglatch (CL26)
  • Kill 9 Rabid Narglatch Matriarchs (CL27)
  • Kill Grizzlefur (CL29)

Next you need to locate 7 crates of equipment. They are all very near the crash site. You shouldn't need them, but in case you have trouble here are the waypoints.
/way 4418 -1900 green
/way 4414 -1869 green
/way 4432 -1862 green
/way 4435 -1836 green
/way 4405 -1844 green
/way 4404 -1878 green
/way 4420 -1912 green

Once collected, you are told the last crate was empty, and nearby you find a torn piece of cloth belonging to the Darkwalkers.... Return and speak to Tanoa to complete the quest.

Next: Find out what the Darkwalkers took from the Crashed Shuttle

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