Name of City: Sactuary of Evil Bunni
Faction: Imperial
Population: 40+
Status: 20+ Active
Specialization: Manufacturing Center
Mayor: Ibimor
Location: Dantooine, Intrepid, /way xxxx xxxx

Other information:

This city is located just 500m east of the Imperial Outpost on Dantooine. Being so close to a starport makes visiting this Metropolis convinent. The Guild Hall is a Mustafarian Bunker just as you enter the city. Here you can find a population of vendors that have just about any crafted item and component available in-game. It's also boasted that if you can't find what you're looking for, there is someone available to make a special order. Started by Chainlink in order to have a place with a casual atmosphere, convinent to all, with a strong emphasis on having a community built on the values of helping others for the good of the Star Wars Galaxies community.

Garage : /way xxxx xxxx
Cloner : /way xxxx xxxx
Shuttleport : /way xxxx xxxx
Cantina : /way xxxx xxxx
Medical Center : /way xxxx xxxx
Shopping Mall : /way xxxx xxxx
Terminals at : /way xxxx xxxx
Mission Terminals : /way xxxx xxxx
Banking Terminals : /way xxxx xxxx
Rebellion Mission Terminal : /way xxxx xxxx
Imperial Mission Terminal : /way xxxx xxxx

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