Say witch

A Sayormi Witch

The Sayormi people inhabit the Dead Forest of Kkowir, using their dark powers to spread death and decay throughout the region. Led by Cyrans the Unfeeling and his Sayormi Queen, these evil witches and monks fight against the people of Kerritamba Village and hope to convert the entire forest to the same level of destruction that plagues the Dead Forest.

Sayormi NPCs drop a wide variety of decorative Sayormi loot, including skulls, books, scrolls, voodoo dolls, and potions. They also drop several weapons (Sayormi Heartstriker and Lifeblood Cleaver).

Statistics Edit

Sayormi Monk/Warrior/Witch Edit


  • Natural Level: 32
  • Aggressive: Yes
  • Stalker: No
  • Deathblows: Yes
  • Social: Yes
  • Tamable: No
  • Mountable: No
  • Difficulty: Normal


  • Melee

Resources / Loot

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