Entha Kandela of Mos Eisley on Tatooine is your scout profession trainer and, boy, is she excited to be your teacher. She has a series of tasks to help you learn the skills of a scout. As a new character, you were probably sent to her by Mayor Mikdanyell Guh'rantt as part of the Mos Eisley starter quest, one of a sequence of new character quests.

Rat Skinning Edit

She sends you out of town to find 5 womp rats and harvest their hides. After killing them, select Harvest Hide from the radial menu on their corpse (you may need to let the mouse hover over "Harvest Resource" go get the choice. Return to her for lavish praise.

Actually any rat will do, I fought CL 2 Swamprats. You get credit for the kill, but harvest the skins anyway, you will need at least 19 units soon. While you are at it be sure to harvest 14 units of bone as well.
The creatures you need to find for this quest swarm quite close to the city, just wander around the parimeter of town until you find them.

Bug HuntEdit

Next, it is out to hunt 10 kreetles for meat (she needs to make a soup for a sick friend). Get ready for another heaping helping of praise when you return.

Trap MakerEdit

Entha now asks you to make 3 Lecepanine Dart traps using harvested bone and hide. You will need 9 units of hide and 9 units of bone to craft the darts using your Generic Crafting Tool.

Trap SpringerEdit

Now that you have the traps, Entha sends you out to use them when you kill 3 rill.

Making CampEdit

Your last assignment is to create a Basic Camp Kit using the bone and hide you a have harvested. This is used in setting up a camp. Once you show Entha your work, you can head on back to the mayor.

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