Nos'lyn message3

Nos'lyn bids you begin your quest...


This quest is given to a Jedi by inspecting the Jedi Artifact gained at CL26, Force Sensitive Essentials II. Once the artifact is inspected, Nos'lyn contacts you and tells you that it is finally time to acquire the weapon of the Jedi - your first training Lightsaber.


Finding the Crystal CaveEdit


... to find your first crystal...

Nos'lyn gives you a waypoint on Naboo (1932 -1574) and tells you to go to this cave to find a crystal. The closest shuttleport is Dee'ja Peak.

Searching for Your CrystalEdit


... and take your next step as a Jedi

The cave is infested with Narglatch (CL21-25). Make your way into the cave and look for the glowing crystalline structures inside. Search them - you are looking for three crystals.

Once you find three of the crystalline structures and search them - you still have no crystal. None of the ones you have found are for you. You are told to "search your feelings and find your crystal." Keep looking. When you search the correct crystalline structure, you get a message from Nos'lyn (but not the actual crystal - not yet): Also you do not need to go searching for a new Structure if you do not want to

you may reclick the Crystal and received your own crystal.

"Keep that crystal safe, and hidden. You will need to tune it, and then you can put it into your lightsaber. Sol Windtide has a Jedi's saber for you."

Sol Windtide, of course, is the Jedi contact in Bestine on Tatooine you visited after the First Steps: Anger and Harmony mission. Travel to Bestine and seek him out.

Your First LightsaberEdit

Sol (-1202 -3612) is waiting for you when you arrive. He tells you that you look very centered, and asks you if you found what you sought. When you tell him yes, he replies that Nos'lyn has sent his first Lightsaber to you as a gift. You receive the saber, and a green crystal, and Sol tells you that you will soon be ready for the next step of the journey. Congratulations!

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