Level: 30


  • 10765 Quest XP
  • 11154 credits
  • Diffusion Generator (armor buff)


You are to head to the Gadget Specialist (19 -4775) and speak with him. He will tell you the device you found in the Diktat's office can control the data terminal, and be used to send messages from it. He will rig it to give the coordinates of the remote location, but in the meantime, he has a task for you.

Head to (14 -4577) to meet Frye Troeman for a bit of debt collection. He owes her money for "services" she "performed" a while ago. Frye wants you to do him a favour before he’ll pay, and wants you to meet his supplier (-41 -5172) to collect some supplies. Of course, it's a trap - defend yourself!

  • 9 Troeman’s Lackeys (CL30)

Once they’re dead, head back to Frye Troeman and ask him politely why he just tried to kill you. Get the money for the Gadget Specialist from Frye, and return. Then back to Lt. Jasper to complete the Quest.

Next: Go to the source of the remote signal

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