Ship capacitor is a type of ship component. It stores energy for use by the ships weapons. With each shot, energy is transfered from the capacitor into the weapon, draining the capacitor by the weapons "energy per shot". A capacitor has a total energy and also a recharge rate. Powering the capacitor requires energy from the ships reactor (the "reactor energy drain"). Large (greater mass) capacitors usually can store more energy and can also recharge faster. Capacitor energy and capacitor recharge are both affected by the droid routine "capacitor overload". High end space content necessitates capacitor overloads, and cap overload 4 is de rigeur for space pvp.

Stats and MeaningsEdit

  • Level:

Necessary to determine if you are certified to use the cap. In general, looted odd caps should be trashed. Looted even caps have the potential for great recharge and great energy, the most popular being level 2, 4, and 6. However, good re-engineering may not be available to a new pilot grinding to master, in which case crafted caps are a viable option. For most grinding ships, a well crafted Mark 3 cap (level 5) suffices until you get to the upper tiers. However, when using a 3 gun ship (X wing), the heavier Mark 4 cap may enable more sustained fire

  • Armor:

After passing through your shields, then your armor plates, damage is distributed to your component armor. It is only a small amount of damage from there to disabling them.

  • 'Hitpoints:

Go down with damage and with repair. Under a certain level, the component is useless.

  • Reactor Drain:

The lower, the better. Not affected by capacitor overload

  • Mass:
The lower, the better. But you need an adequate cap to be able to pound well shielded ships with a good sized volley. Nothing sounds worse than the "thunk thunk" of a dry capacitor when you have a brutally accurate TIE Aggressor in your sights but have to wait to fire.
  • Capacitor Energy:

1600/1000, for example. Ignore the first number, the second number is the cap energy before droid routines. Cap energy will also affect how much energy you can potentially shunt to shields and for that reason some pilots of larger ships favor fat energies even if this comes at the expense of high recharges.

  • Recharge Rate:

Cap recharge is also affected by cap overload. Fortunately, caps recharge even as you're firing (it happens inbetween shots). Some argue that a high recharge rate trumps a big energy because it actually take longer to drain given that you are recharging as you go. OTOH, lower energy means less to shunt. Like everything in JTL, it's a balancing act.

  • Buying Tips

Buying a good cap is one area where you shouldn't skimp, as a bad cap will make your life much more difficult. Crafted capacitors are usually made with either the high recharge sub or the heavy battery (high energy sub). While many pilots tend to focus on recharge, in point of fact capacitors made with the high energy sub have a greater drain time.

If your sever has active space guilds and shipwrights who themselves are active in space, then in your search for caps you should find well RE'd Level 2, 4, and 6 pieces for reasonable prices. If your server is soft on the space side, then you'll need to look for crafted caps or work on a RE (re-engineering) project of your own. Capacitors are one area in which re'd goods really trump crafted. The best mass/performance lvls are 2 (single gun interceptors) and 6 (2-3 gun ships). There is a role for lvl 8 and 10 capacitors in 4 gun ships.

Capacitor Names Edit

(credit to KaelynRei)

     Level 1
           Corellian Cruiser-grade Weapons Capacitor 'CAP 1'
           Incom Mark I Rebel Capacitor
           Koensayr Light Capacitor
           Kuat Systems Engineering Mark I Capacitor
           MandalMotors Mark I 'Powermaster' Capacitor
           Mon Calamari Light Capacitor
           Novaldex Small Capacitor
           Qualdex 'Miser' Light
           Rendili J7 'Overseer' Capacitor
           Republic Sienar Systems Mark I Imperial Capacitor
           Sienar Fleet Systems Mark I Imperial Capacitor
           SoroSuub 'Dynamo' Mark I Capacitor
           SubPro 'Valiant' Z1 Capacitor

     Level 2
           Corellian Tuned Cruiser-grade Weapons Capacitor 'CAP 1'
           Cygnus 'Cyg-Cap A' Capacitor
           Incom Improved Mark I Rebel Capacitor
           Koensayr Custom Light Capacitor
           Kuat Systems Engineering Limited Mark I Capacitor
           MandalMotors Special Mark I 'Powermaster' Capacitor
           Mon Calamari Charged Light Capacitor
           Novaldex Sarlacc S1
           Qualdex 'Miser' Standard
           Sienar Design Systems Mark I Imperial Capacitor
           SoroSuub Enhanced Mark I 'Dynamo' Capacitor
           SubPro Improved 'Valiant' Z1 Capacitor

     Level 3
           Corellian Cruiser-grade Weapons Capacitor 'CAP 2'
           Cygnus 'Cyg-Cap A' Capacitor
           Cygnus 'Cyg-Cap B' Capacitor
           FreiTek Inc. XD-2 Capacitor
           Incom BJN-825 Capacitor
           Koensayr Improved Light Capacitor
           Kuat Systems Engineering Mark II Capacitor
           MandalMotors Mark II 'Powermaster' Capacitor
           Mon Calamari Standard Capacitor
           Novaldex Experimental Sarlacc S1Qualdex 'Miser' Elite
           Sienar Design Systems Imperial-2 Capacitor
           SoroSuub 'Dynamo' Mark II Capacitor
           SubPro 'Valiant' Z2 Capacitor
           SubPro 'Valiant' Z3 Capacitor
           TIE Elite Capacitor Mark 1

     Level 4
           Corellian Deluxe Cruiser-grade Weapons Capacitor 'CAP 2'
           Gallofree LT-22 Capacitor
           Huppla Pasa Tisc Old-Tech Capacitor
           Incom Special BJN-825 Capacitor
           Koensayr Rare Mark II Capacitor
           Kuat Systems Engineering Performance Mark II Capacitor
           MandalMotors Tuned Mark II 'Powermaster' Capacitor
           Mon Calamari Modified Standard Capacitor
           Novaldex Sarlacc S2
           Qualdex Conservator Q3
           Rendili J8 'Overseer' Capacitor
           Sienar Design Systems Special Imperial-2 Capacitor
           SoroSuub Premium 'Dynamo' Mark II Capacitor
           SubPro 'Gallant' A1 Capacitor

     Level 5
           Corellian Standard Capacitor
           Deepwell Capacitor Model K5
           Koensayr Mark III Capacitor
           Kuat Systems Engineering Mark III Capacitor
           MandalMotors Mark III 'Powermaster' Capacitor
           Mon Calamari Heavy Capacitor
           Novaldex Sarlacc S3
           Qualdex Conservator QX1 Elite
           SoroSuub Turbo Weapons Capacitor
           SubPro 'Defiant' C1 Capacitor

     Level 6
           Corellian Cruiser-grade Weapons Capacitor 'CAP 3'
           Koensayr Tuned Mark III Capacitor
           Kuat Systems Engineering Supercharged Mark III Capacitor
           MandalMotors Improved Mark III 'Powermaster' Capacitor
           Mon Calamari Modified Heavy Capacitor
           Novaldex Wampa S1
           Qualdex Capacitor Battery Array (Tier 3, mission 2 Alliance reward component)
           Qualdex Conservator QX2
           Rendili 'K-Class' Weapon Capacitor (Tier 3, Mission 1 Imperial reward component)
           Rendili 'K-Class' Weapon Capacitor
           SoroSuub 'Dynamo' Mark III Capacitor
           SoroSuub 'V-1' Weapon Capacitor (Tier 3, Mission 3 Freelance reward component)
           SubPro Modified Defiant C1 Capacitor
           TIE Elite Capacitor Mark 2

     Level 7
           (Unknown) Weapons Capacitor
           Corellian Cruiser-grade Weapons Capacitor 'CAP 5'
           Koensayr Mark IV Capacitor
           Kuat Systems Engineering Mark IV Capacitor
           MandalMotors Mark IV 'Powermaster' Capacitor
           Mon Calamari Advanced Capacitor
           Novaldex Deluxe Wampa S1
           Qualdex Conservator Q7 Prototype
           Qualdex Conservator QX3
           SoroSuub Tuned 'Dynamo' Mark III Capacitor
           SubPro 'Defiant C3 Capacitor
           SubPro 'Defiant' C2 Capacitor

     Level 8
           Corellian Cruiser-grade Weapons Capacitor 'CAP 9'
           Koensayr Deluxe Mark IV Capacitor
           Kuat Systems Engineering Limited Mark IV Capacitor
           MandalMotors Rare Mark IV 'Powermaster' Capacitor
           Mon Calamari Enhanced Advanced Capacitor
           Novaldex Wampa S2
           Qualdex Conservator QX4
           SoroSuub 'Dynamo' Mark IV Capacitor
           SubPro 'Dauntless' Z3 Capacitor

     Level 9
           Corellian Cruiser-grade Weapons Capacitor 'CAP 10'
           Koensayr Mark V Capacitor
           Kuat Systems Engineering Mark V Capacitor
           MandalMotors Mark V 'Powermaster' Capacitor
           Mon Calamari Elite Capacitor
           Novaldex Wampa S3
           Qualdex Conservator QX5
           Rendili 'Hyperbattery' Elite Capacitor
           Sienar Fleet Systems Capacitor Array
           SoroSuub Supercharged 'Dynamo' Mark IV Capacitor
           SubPro 'Dauntless' Z5 Capacitor
           TIE Elite Capacitor Mark 3

     Level 10
           Corellian Elite Capacitor
           Koensayr Elite Mark V Capacitor
           Kuat Systems Engineering Elite Mark V Capacitor
           MandalMotors 'Provider' Model P1
           MandalMotors Powersoak (Original)
           Modified TIE Capacitor (Origin Unknown)
           Mon Calamari Deluxe Elite Capacitor
           Novaldex Experimental High-Capacitor (Unknown)
           Qualdex Experimental (unknown model)
           SoroSuub 'Flash' Capacitor
           Subpro Experimental Capacitor (Unknown)
           Z95 Deepwell Capacitor (Experimental)

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