Ship component is a type of component that can be loaded on a ship. Ship components can found as space loot or crafted by a Shipwright.

Beneficial statsEdit

Beneficial stats
Component Lower Higher
  • Mass
  • Armor points
  • Hit points
  • Effectiveness
  • Drain
  • Speed
  • Acceleration
  • Max energy
  • Recharge rate
  • Drain
  • Max energy
  • Recharge rate
Droid interface
  • Drain
  • Speed
  • Drain
  • Speed
  • Yaw, Pitch, Roll
  • Power generation
  • Drain
  • Effectiveness
  • Recharge rate
  • Energy per shot
  • Firing rate
  • Damage
Missile launcher
  • Firing rate
  • Damage


Starship components is the name of a tab displayed when using a Starship Crafting Tool. These components have optional upgrades that can be added during the crafting process with varying results.


Durasteel Plating upgrades
  • Armor Reinforcement Panel: using these panels will strengthen the armor, but will make your starfighter heavier.
  • Mass Reduction Kit: will reduce the weight of armor, but will negatively affect the strength of the armor.


Booster upgrades
  • Booster Overdriver: gives a booster a higher speed and acceleration, but increases the overall mass of the ship.
  • Extended Life Fuel Cell: increases the amount of energy a booster can store, but the energy recharges slower.
  • Fast Charge Fuel Cell: recharges faster than other fuel cells, but can store less energy overall.
  • Heavy Fuel Cell: increases the energy a booster can store, but also increases the consumption rate.


Weapons Capacitor upgrades
  • Energy Saver Battery:

Droid InterfaceEdit

Droid Interface upgrades
  • Droid Brain Upgrade: increases the command speed of the interface, but also increases the energy maintenance.
  • Maintenance Reduction Kit: will bring the energy maintenance of the interface down, but will also negatively impact the droid command speed.


Starfighter engine component upgrades

Engine Limiter
Engine Overdriver
Engine Stabilizer
  • Mark I, Mark II
  • Effect: Increases yaw, pitch and roll and decreases energy maintenance, at the cost of mass.


Fusion Reactor upgrades

Reactor Limiter
Reactor Overcharger


Deflector Shield Generator upgrades
  • Shield Energy Saver Kit: decreases the energy maintenance of the generator, but also decreases the shield effectiveness.
  • Shield Limiter: decreases the effectiveness of the generator, but increases the recharge rate of the shields.
  • Shield Overcharger: increases the effectiveness of shields, but decreases the recharge rate.


Armor Effectiveness Intensifier
Max Damage Intensifier
Min Damage Intensifier
Quick Shot Upgrade
Shield Effectiveness Intensifier
Speed Limiter Upgrade
Weapon Efficiency Booster

Upgrades resourcesEdit

Each upgrade requires a specific resource type that is always in spawn but only on one planet each resource shift.

Class Type Upgrades
Aluminum Perovskitic Mass Reduction Kit
Copper Conductive Borcarbitic Droid Brain Upgrade, Energy Saver Battery, Extended Life Battery, Heavy Battery, Maintenance Reduction Kit, Quick Recharge Battery
Steel Crystallized Bicorbantium Armor Reinforcement Panel
Siliclastic ore Fermionic Engine Limiter, Engine Overdriver, Quick Shot Upgrade, Speed Limiter Upgrade
Radioactive High Grade Polymetric Armor Effectiveness Intensifier, Booster Overdriver, Extended Life Fuel Cell, Reactor Limiter, Reactor Overcharger, Shield Effectiveness Intensifier
Fiberplast Gravitonic Shield Energy saver Kit, Shield Intensifier, Shield Limiter, Shield Overcharger
Reactive gas Unstable Organometallic Fast Charge Fuel Cell, Heavy Fuel Cell, Max Damage Intensifier, Min Damage Intensifier

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