Ship missile launcher is a type of ship component. In order to fire missiles, you need to load first a launcher and then the corresponding missile pack. Missile launchers have several stats listed, but in actual use, the 3 of importance are the energy drain, mass, and of course the level.

  • Certification Level

A little unusual in that Mark IV missiles are a level 8 cert, whereas Mark IV stuff is usually level 7.

  • Reactor Energy Drain

Importantly, any weapon overload routines that you run also affect missiles by the same amount they affect blasters. So, a low number here will save on your energy needs. A Mk 3 Proton launcher with a drain under 950 is high quality, but anything under 1000 is good.

  • Mass

Tubes can get heavy, but worth it.

  • Buying Guide

When you're grinding, proton missiles provide a good balance between damage and lock time. They are also easily available, cheap, and available by the crate (Misc: Factory Crate: Mark II Proton Pack, for example). The Mark II Protons are a level 3 cert and can have a maximum damage of over 3k. Mk III Protons are the workhorse of pve piloting; they can have devestating damage, weigh in at under 6k mass, and are easily available. For PVP, many if not most players who equip missiles (and on some servers missiles are used infrequently), equip a selection of, Image-rec missiles (Ussually Mark II), or proton missiles (Ussually Mark III, or IV). Image-Rec's have the shortest lock time of any missile in the game, but do slightly, though noticeably less, damage.

Specialty missiles include the spacebomb, and concussion missile. These can be used in pve against big, slow targets (gunboats). Both are usable in PvP as well, and if you can lock spacebombs at point blank range they will oblitierate any fighter in one shot.

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