Fusion reactors


Elite and mining-grade reactors

Ship reactor is a type of ship component. It provides power to the rest of the ship.

Main properties Edit

Reactor generation rate 
Provides energy for your pieces of equipment (+/+).
Uses the mass allowance of the chassis (+/-).

Optional components Edit

Reactor Limiter (Mark I, Mark II)
  • (-) Reactor generation rate, (-) Mass.
Reactor Overcharger (Mark I, Mark II)
  • (+) Reactor generation rate, (+) Mass.

Common values Edit

Equipment certification level Reactor generation rate Mass
Mark I fusion reactor (schematic) 1 8600-12600 1000–1300
Mark II fusion reactor (schematic) 3 10000-13500 2500-3400
Mark III fusion reactor (schematic) 5 11k-15k 4k-8k
Mark IV fusion reactor (schematic) 7 12k-17k 12k-20k
Modified Mark V fusion reactor (schematic) 7 12k-19k 11k-19k
Mark V fusion reactor (schematic) 9 13k-20k 28k-51k
Elite reactor (schematic) 10 34k-41k 250k-260k
Mining-grade reactor (schematic) 10 40k-46k 109k

Related command Edit

  • Buying Tips

The ideal reactor would deliver just enough gen to power everything you need and at the same time be as light as possible. Reactor overloads greatly increase the gen created by the reactor and are necessary to building an effective ship. RO3 = 1.6 X Gen. RO4 = 1.9 X Gen. RO4 is only available late in the pilot grind.

The appearance of the modified fusion reactor (A looted, 25 use schem from Mustafar) has made Mark IV and Mark V reactors obsolete. Although the Mark V reactor can reach about 1k higher gen, this comes at the expense of being around 30k mass heavier (not worth it).

Reactors can be mass/gen customized when mass is an issue. For example, if you know you need exactly 14.2k gen, you can ask your shipwright to build the lightest possible reactor that delivers that gen (this is going to wind up being a Mark III with a Mark I overcharger).

The Lightest possible reactor noted above under the circumstances described is incorrect. the lightest possible reactor will be a Mark IV reactor with Reactor Limiter IV, with Mass modified as low as possible on the limiter. This will generally yield a Reactor, that once experimented on properly, can get into the 4-5.9k mass range, while yielding a generation rate of around the 15k's. Endlarl Wayfar, Ahazi Server.

(+/+) The more the better,
(+/-) The more the worse,
(+) Increase,
(-) Decrease.

Reactor Names Edit

(credit to KaelynRei)

     Level 1
           Cygnus Mark I Reactor
           FreiTek Inc. Level 1 Reactor
           Incom Mark 1 Reactor
           Koensayr 'Supernova' Reactor
           Kuat Systems Engineering LX-11 Reactor
           MandalMotors DXR Reactor
           Sienar Level 1 Reactor
           Subpro Dyna-I Reactor

     Level 2
           Cygnus Tuned Mark I Reactor
           FreiTek Inc. Performance Level 1 Reactor
           Incom Improved Mark I Reactor
           Koensayr Charger Supernova Reactor
           Kuat Systems Engineering Custom LX-11 Reactor
           MandalMotors DXR-2 Reactor
           Sienar Enhanced Level 1 Reactor
           Subpro Special Dyna-II Reactor
           Watto's 'Sunray' Reactor

     Level 3
           Cygnus Mark II Reactor
           FreiTek Powerhouse Mark I Reactor
           Incom Mark 2 Reactor
           Koensayr Mark II Supernova Reactor
           Kuat Systems Engineering LX-21
           MandalMotors DXR-3 Reactor
           Sienar Fleet Systems Imperial-1 Reactor
           Sienar Level 2 Reactor
           Slayn & Korpil 'Vortex' Mk1 Reactor
           SoroSuub Fusion Reactor 1

     Level 4
           Cygnus Supercharger Mark II Reactor
           FreiTek Improved Mark I Powerhouse Reactor
           Incom Custom Mark II Reactor
           Koensayr Enhanced Mark II Supernova Reactor
           Kuat Systems Engineering RCT-X Reactor
           Sienar Fleet Systems Imperial-2 Reactor
           SoroSuub Fusion Reactor 2
           Watto's 'Sunray' Mark III Reactor

     Level 5
           FreiTek Powerhouse Mark II Reactor
           Incom Mark 3 Reactor
           Koensayr Supernova Mark III Reactor
           MandalMotors DXR-4 Reactor
           Sienar Design Systems Imperial 1 Reactor
           Sienar Fleet Systems Imperial-3 Reactor
           Sienar Level 3 Reactor
           Slayn & Korpil 'Hypertron 2000' Reactor
           SoroSuub Fusion Reactor 3

     Level 6
           (Unknown) Distressed Aluminum Reactor
           (Unknown) Multi-Core Reactor
           (Unknown) Proton Chamber Reactor
           Mon Calamari Overdriver S2 Reactor
           Republic Sienar Systems X8 Reactor
           Sienar Design Systems High-Output Reactor (Tier 3, Mission 3 Imperial reward component)
           Sienar Fleet Systems Imperial-4 Reactor
           Slayn & Korpil 'Hypervortex' Reactor (Tier 3, mission 4 Alliance reward component)
           Slayn & Korpil 'Vortex' Mk2 Reactor
           Subpro Aurora Reactor
           SubPro Military-Grade Reactor (Tier 3, Mission 1 Freelance reward component)
           Taim & Bak Experimental Reactor S1

     Level 7
           Incom Mark 4 Reactor
           Koensayr Supernova Advanced Reactor
           MandalMotors DXR-5 Reactor
           Rendili Type 7 Reactor
           Republic Sienar Systems X12 Reactor
           Sienar Level 4 Reactor
           Slayn & Korpil 'Vortex' Mk3 Reactor
           SoroSuub Turbine 3
           Subpro Aurora Max
           Taim Experimental S3

     Level 8
           Armek Super-collider Reactor
           Freitek Powerhouse Mark III Reactor
           Incom Mark 5 Reactor
           Kuat Systems Engineering RCT-Z Reactor
           MandalMotors DXR-6 Reactor
           Republic Sienar Systems Advanced Military-Grade Reactor (Tier 4, Mission 4 Imperial reward component)
           Sienar Design Systems Special Forces 1 Reactor
           Sienar Fleet Systems Imperial-5 Reactor
           Slayn & Korpil 'Vortex' Mk4 Reactor
           Subpro Dyna-II Reactor
           Taim & Bak Experimental Reactor S2

     Level 9
           Armek Ultra Collider
           Cygnus Advanced
           Incom Advanced Reactor
           Kuat Drive Yards 'Powermaster' Elite Reactor
           Kuat Systems Engineering Supreme Reactor
           MandalMotors DX-Advanced Reactor
           Mandalor Motors 'Gorax' Reactor
           Republic Sienar Systems Advanced Reactor
           Sienar Fleet Systems 'Special Forces' Reactor
           Sienar Fleet Systems Advanced Reactor
           SoroSuub Turbine Advanced

     Level 10
           Armek Phase Grinder Reactor
           Corellian Modified BT3 Reactor
           Corellian Modified BT5 Reactor
           Incom Elite Reactor
           Mandalor Motors 'Gorax' Elite Reactor
           Mon Calamari Overdriver Reactor
           Rendili Type X Elite Reactor
           Sienar Design Systems 'Secret Ops' Reactor
           Sienar Design Systems Elite Reactor
           Sienar Fleet Systems Elite Reactor
           Slayn & Korpil 'Hypertron 4000' Reactor

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