thumb|400px|right|Video Tutorial by waffles497 In order to get to cities that do not have Starports, shuttles are often the easiest and fastest mode of transportation. Almost every static city in the game has this structure. Static Cities on advanced planets and most static Outposts generally just have a Starport, which has all the functions of a shuttleport.

You can take a shuttle to any shuttleport or starport on the planet. The travel fee is somewhat dependent on the distance between ports, but landing in a starport often has a higher fee. A shuttleport can also be a destination when travelling from a starport on the same planet. A new shuttle arrives every minute.

Player City shuttleports function the same as static city shuttleports. The city does not have to be registered for the shuttle to work. Players who are banned from the city, however, will not be able to land at the shuttleport or use it to purchase tickets or travel.

Player Cities are able to place a shuttleport once they have grown to a City, level 4, which required 55 citizens. Only the mayor of the Player City can place a shuttleport. The shuttleport will require maintenance from the city budget. A tax can be added to the shuttle fee to help pay for this maintenance. This will apply to tickets purchased from the shuttle to other locations on the planet.

Having a shuttleport often brings in new citizens and customers, as it increases visibility and makes visiting the city much easier and quicker. Typically Traders place Merchant Tents near or around the shuttleport to attract customers upon landing.

Player Shuttleports come in three varieties, each placeable on specific planets, just like houses. They can be built by an Architect who has reached Construction II.

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