Recommended combat levels: 80 and higher

Start Blistmok Skin RugEdit

  • Click on the rug in Mensix Facility at (443 -1124)

Part 1: Collect Rug MaterialsEdit

  • Collect the following to create your very own Blistmok Skin Rug:
  • Collect Pristine Blistmok Skins - Combat: Kill Blistmoks (CL67+) until you get 10 pristine skins
  • Collect Preservatives - Collect 3 preservatives from Chemical Lockers in mining camps around

/way 14 -3248

/way -2676 -2020

/way 2477 100

/way -2484 1444

/way -519 2346

  • Radial menu: “Take Preservative” ; Can take only once from each locker

Part 2: Gather Skin of Ura JenEdit

  • Kill Ura Jen a CL80 Elite Blistmok at /way -907 -370

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