Level: 38


  • 12,040 xp
  • 15,944 credits


Olivia Bain (/way -2323 3280) is in a tent, just outside the Ryll Smuggler Bunker, she wants you to help her son Civius Bain.

Go speak to Civius Bain (-2164, 3344) in the Ryll Smuggler Bunker.

Civius Bain can not leave, unless two of the smugglers he owes money are taken care of.

Defeat Jayrn Minoze (-2092, 3333).

Defeat Oret Sturm (-2126, 3336).

/way white -2164 3344 Civius Bain;
/way purple -2092 3333 Jayrn Minoze;
/way purple -2126 3336 Oret Sturm;

Now you will receive a comm from Civius Bain, and a waypoint.

Return to Olivia Bain for your reward

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