Smuggler Alliance is one of three squadrons that Freelance Pilots can join. The squadron is Rebel-aligned. Your final mission will be against an Imperial Corvette.

Squadron Trainers Edit

Tier 1: Dravis, Mos Eisley, Tatooine (3429,-4788) Back room of cantina
Tier 2: Shamdon Kree, Mos Eisley, Tatooine (3386, -4605) Lower level of Lucky Despot cantina
Tier 3: Beissa, Jabba's Throne Room, Tatooine (-5953, -6284) Note:Requires completing 3/4ths of theme park or Tatooine station story mission to gain access.
Tier 4: Nirame Sakute, Trade Outpost, Dathomir (600, 3030) Back room of medium house
Tier 5: Admiral Willham Burke, Doaba Guerfel, Corellia, (3080, 5203)

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