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Snorbal are typically a nonaggressive creature found throughout Lok. They resemble elephants and They are many different types of snorbals.

please be aware i am still upgrading this, some information may be wrong.

Elder Female SnorbalEdit


Attacks Resources/loot
  • Natural level: 54
  • Aggressive: No
  • Stalker: N/A
  • Deathblows: N/A
  • Social: N/A
  • Tamable: N/A
  • Mountable: yes
  • Difficluty: N/A
  • Bone type: N/A
  • Hide Type: lokian Leathery Hide
  • Milk Type: N/A
  • Loot: Junk and collectables
Beast Master - Leveling - Supplements - Mounts
Equipment - Schematics - DNA - Enzymes

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