Lieutenant Wulf

The Imperial spies report that the Rebels plan on bringing fighters in from the Karthakk System to the Corellian System in hopes of gaining an advantage. The Empire needs you to travel to the Karthakk System to ensure that those Rebel ships never make it. Talk to Lieutenant Wulf (/wp 5915, 81, 5524) to take this quest.

Level: 35
Prerequisites: None
Repeatable: Yes


The Rebels haven't given up on gaining advantage in Corellian space. Imperial spies have learned that they are bringing in reinforcements from the Lok system and have ordered you to destroy 15 Z-95 or X-Wings there.

This quest is very simple, just travel to the Karthakk System and destroy 15 Rebel NPC controlled Z-95's or X-Wings (Tier 3, found near the rebel controlled space stations). You can do this solo, or in a group. But, to be able to get credit for "kills" that your group members make, you need to be in the Karthakk System, and within about 3000 meters of your group member(s).