Dunir Signos

You have now found Dunir, you need to speak to him about this "package" that Bib Fortuna needs delivered.

Level: 10


Bib needs you to take care of some deliveries for Dunir. It's probably best not to ask what's inside.

Recommended combat levels: 10 and higher

Conversation with DunirEdit

Dunir: How'd you like to make some fast credits?
PC: I'm always interested in credits; fast, slow or otherwise.
Dunir: Good, good. See, all I need you to do is to take this package out to some friends of mine on the outskirts of town. Think you're up for that?
PC: Maybe. What's in the package?
Dunir: I don't have a clue, but I have been assured it contains nothing illegal or dangerous.
PC: Well then, I'll take care of it for you.
Dunir: Great, here's the box and its destination.

Deliver Package to Toggi BokEdit


Toggi Bok

You are provided with the waypoint of 3759, -4568 to Toggi Bok. He will be in an encampment outside Mos Eisley along with some CL 5-8 NPCs. The NPCs are not aggressive, so they will not attack unless you initiate an attack.

Toggi Bok: What do you want?
PC: I have a package for you from Dunir.
Toggi Bok: That's great, I have been waiting on this. I'll transmit the delivery code to Dunir.

Standby for Dunir's CommEdit

As soon as your conversation with Toggi Bok ends, you will get a pop-up message saying, "Timer has 10 seconds left!" Once the timer ends, Dunir will come over the comm-link.

Dunir: I just got the payment from Toggi, good job. I just need you to do one more thing for me. I need you to go to the White Thranta Shipping offices and pick up a package for me. Here is their location.

Pick Up Dunir's PackageEdit


White Thranta Receptionist

Dunir provides you the waypoint to the White Thranta Shipping Bunker at 3727, -4182. You need to go inside and speak to the receptionist in the first large room.

Receptionist: Hello, may I help you?
PC: I am here to pick up a package for Dunir.
Receptionist: I have that package right here. Here you go, and I have transmitted the pick up code to Dunir. Have a nice day!

Standby for Dunir's Other CommEdit

As soon as your conversation with the receptionist ends, you will get a pop-up message saying, "Timer has 10 seconds left!" Once the timer ends, Dunir will once again come over the comm-link.

Dunir: I just got the pick up confirmation code from the White Thranta receptionist. Bring that to me and we can get your fee all worked out. Here's a return location for convenience.

Return Package to DunirEdit

Head back into Mos Eisley and to Dunir.

Dunir: Great job our there.
PC: Thanks, now about that fee you promised me.
Dunir: Here is is, good pay for good work.
PC: Got any other jobs?
Dunir: I don't, but Bib wants you to talk to Reimos.
PC: Where can I find this Reimos?
Dunir: I'll load the directions into your datapad.
PC: Thanks.
Dunir: Take it easy.

Dunir will give you the quest, Find Reimos.

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