Starsider is an official Star Wars Galaxies Server, hosted by Sony Online Entertainment.

Community Edit

Name Origin Edit

An old Dreadnaught named Starsider was part of the New Republic fleet which massed near Kashyyyk during the year following the Battle of Coruscant. The Starsider served as a sort of mobile crew quarters, housing the various commanders and leaders who supported the New Republic's raids into Yuuzhan Vong-controlled space.

Additional InformationEdit

Due to the free character transfers, Starsider is now the most populous server, and it is the only one to consistently hit 'Extremely Heavy' load. This influx has greatly increased the populations size and diversity.

Starsider is known as the "unofficial roleplay server". While it's deserving of the title, Starsider also boasts an active space community which hosts regular space events, as well as decent space and ground pvp.

Roleplaying Edit

Be sure to check out the official Starsider forum to keep track of actual RP-Events.

  • Because this is a highly RP server, there is often an event going on in Mos Eisley and/or other iconic areas.

Links Edit

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