Recommended combat levels: 10 and higher

Stella is the owner of the Third Sun cantina in Mos Taike on Tatooine, which she refers to as the "center of rollicking jollity in sunny Mos Taike." A Bith, her fluency in Basic is a Rollicking as it may be, it has its share of deadbeats and derelicts, and so Stella could use a little help in dealing with them. She is found at location (3773, 2394).

Mission 1, "Bent Spur" Edit

You are to be going there, getting the credits from them, but not to be killing anyone.

When you get to the waypoint you will be attacked by one of his friends (CL7). After dealing with him, converse with (but do not attack) Bent Spur (CL7).

Award: 30 credits

Mission 2, "The Fink" Edit

But now a stinking fink who is to be working for Jabba the Hutt did steal the cantina's valuable deed.

Go to the provided waypoint and kill Ulek Talstin (CL1). Bring the recovered Third Sun Cantina Deed back to Stella.

Award: 500 + 30 credits

Mission 3, "The Spy" Edit

I do now ask you, my friend, to be meeting the Bothan and getting the data. Yes?

Go to the provided waypoint and converse with Chaw Troillya (CL1). Bring the recovered Message for Stella back to Stella.

Award: 30 credits

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