Captain Exov

Talk to Captain Exov (5971, 5635) to take this quest.

Level: 80
Prerequisites: None
Repeatable: Yes (You must select the 2nd option when conversing with Captain Exov)


The Rebels have captured sensor arrays that the Empire has placed around Restuss. Your orders are to re-capture one of them. With your profession skills, you're especially suited for this kind of mission.

The issue is, you have to wait until the sensor array is turned Rebel before you can "turn" it. This may take some time, and/or may actually require Rebel players to actually "turn" the array.

Turning the arrayEdit

Once you do find an Rebel controlled sensor array, just get close and use the radial menu ("~" key). There will be an option to turn the array. Once you take that option, you will have to wait within 5 meters of the array while it turns. You will receive a message when it's done (and Imperial NPCs may also spawn).

-this mission is the only way to turn sensor arrays imperial (same goes for rebel counterpart)!

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