Stren Colo

Stren Colo

Location: Kachirho, Kashyyyk

Species: Human

Stren is standing outside in the Starport compound flanked by a couple Imperial flags. He administrates bounties there on Kashyyyk. Currently there are only two available, each paying 10,000 and 12,000 credits respectively.

Note: Stren will not talk to Rebel players if they are combatant or special forces, so they will need to go on leave on another planet before talking to him.

Jessk, the Trandoshan, bounty Edit

Reward: 12,000 credits
Stren directs you to the bounty contact, Tien Wallub (ground floor of the Great Tree). She sends you to Mos Eisley. As you go through the starport, 2 Valarian CL 14s will spawn and attack. Once you've taken care of the Valarians, you overhear about a Cheated Gambler at the cantina. Once you initiate conversation with the Cheated Gambler he'll tell you that Jessk is just outside Mos Eisley to the north. Head into the hills right outside until Jessk (CL 32) spawns and starts shooting at you. Kill Jessk and return to Stren for your reward. Try /way 3387 150 -4041.

I found Jessk down in a cave at: /wp tatooine 3651 -3849 orange Cave enterance

The cave enterance is at: /wp tatooine 3443 -4185 orange Cave enterance

Jessk has been known to occasionally appear at random places within Mos Eisley, i.e. spaceport, cantina, etc.

Dorn, the human, bounty Edit

Reward: 10,000 credits
Stren directs you to the bounty contact, Belga Daeri (1st floor of the Great Tree). She sends you to Kashyyyk space. The first part is to destroy Dorn's pirate cohorts: two tier 5 Z-95 and one tier 4 medium dunelizard Asteroid Bandits. Once the cohorts are destroyed, Dorn will spawn, flying a tier 4 ARC-170. Kill Dorn and return to Stren for your reward.

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