Number of lots required: 1
Capacity of structure in items: 100 in the output hopper and 100 in the ingredient hopper.
Operating costs:

  • Power: 50/ hr
  • Maintenance: 50cr /hr

Placeable on: All Planets (except Kashyyyk)
Schematic Obtained In: Architect >> Insallations I
Skill Needed to Use: None
Item Type: Deed >> Installation (see Installations)
Resources Required:

  • 300 Steel
  • 250 Low-Grade Ore
  • 400 Low-Grade Ore

Components Required:

Complexity: 18
Requires: Structure and Furniture Crafting Tool
XP Gained: 4430 Structure Crafting XP (normal) / 4512 Structure Crafting XP (practice)
Relevant Experimental Properties:
Notes: Used to mass produce things made with a Structure and Furniture Crafting Tool. Must make a schematic and use the exact resources you used in the schematic.

This structure can be used as storage, as items may be placed in the input hopper. However, the output hopper is not as accessible, only containing items the factory produces. Items removed from the output hopper may not be replaced.