Having been accepted into the Force Sensitive Profession one achieves the rank of Student. A Student learns the fundamentals of the Force and how to use it. On their journey, the Student will learn many techniques passed down over the centuries in how to fight and defend oneself in combat. There are six total lessons over 21 total levels for the Student:

  • Force Sensitive Fundamentals I -- Levels 1-3
    Understanding the basics of martial combat is the first lesson of the Force sensitive pupil. The student learns to focus on the enemy and execute a deliberate strike.
  • Force Sensitive Fundamentals II -- Levels 4-6
    The Force sensitive pupil learns the key principles of the Ataru fighting style, focusing primarily on strength and agility.
  • Force Sensitive Fundamentals III -- Levels 7-9
    Proper defensive techniques are just as important as offensive techniques. Force sensitive students learn to maintain their focus and awareness during combat.
  • Force Sensitive Fundamentals IV -- Levels 10-13
    Building upon the foundation of centered combat, Force sensitive students learn to focus their concentration into a strong attack.
  • Force Sensitive Fundamentals V -- Levels 14-17
    Philosophies of the Makashi fighting style are introduced. The Force sensitive student learns how to make fluid motions and advances.
  • Force Sensitive Fundamentals VI -- Levels 18-21
    The final lesson in this phase of the Force sensitive student's career involves instruction in the Shii-Cho fighting style, a simple form of combat created by Jedi Knights of the Old Republic.

After passing the sixth lesson and 21st level, the Student may then work toward the Initiate rank.

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