The Force Sensitive Adept will learn more of the Ataru fighting style, learning how to strike with strength and agility.

Name: Cho mak Jung ma
Career required: Force Sensitive/Jedi
Level granted at: 70
Lesson granted at: Force Sensitive Mastery I

  • Cooldown timer: 15 seconds
  • Duration: N/A - Instant
  • Effect: A level 70, melee attack that strikes all targets in the immediate area.
  • Range: Melee range (0-5m)

Star Wars Lore Edit

A Cho mak Jung ma is basically a spinning attack aimed to sever a limb. A jung in lightsaber combat was a 180-degree turn. A jung ma was a maneuver used by Jedi to perform a 360-degree spin in which power was gained for an imminent attack on the opponent. A cho mak was the act of cutting off an opponent's limb, such as a humanoid's leg. This was performed by Count Dooku on Anakin Skywalker when he cut off Skywalker's arm at the elbow in during their duel on Geonosis.

Sources Edit

Star Wars Wiki

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