The Zephyr-G swoop speeder bike is a modified sports vehicle. 


Speederbike Swoop

Please be advised that swoop racing is illegal and a punishable offense by the Empire.


  • Speed: Best
  • Acceleration: Best
  • Climb: Best
  • Turn: Best



A customized Swoop



How To ObtainEdit

Also obtainable as a Legacy quest reward.

Source: Corellia Times Consumer Reports: Vehicles - Star Wars Galaxies website

Star Wars LoreEdit

Swoop racing has been around almost as long as the republic. Though no one really knows where the swoops were first used, it is believed about 5000 years BBY (Before the Battle of Yavin). The swoops where first used by swoop gangs in lower city or the all city planet, Taris. Though Taris has long been destroyed by the Sith, swoop racing survived because of a small swoop track on Tatooine. Now, 5000 years later, swoop racing still exists on many planets, though outlawed by the Imperial Empire, and the Republic before. Only the slowest types of swoopers are legally sold anymore.

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