Force Sensitive Sword Master

  • Force Sensitive Mastery I - Levels 70-73
    Upon further improvement to the Niman fighting style, the Force sensitive sword master is able to adopt even more defensive stances and maneuvers
  • Force Sensitive Mastery II - Levels 74-77
    Although not widely taught, the Force sensitive sword master can use certain techniques of the Force to effectively disable an opponent. While it can be dangerous, it is certainly an effective strategy.
  • Force Sensitive Mastery III - Levels 78-81
    The Force sensitive sword master will learn the Djem So fighting style. This style focuses only on offensive techniques and has no defensive qualities.
  • Force Sensitive Mastery IV - Levels 82-85
    The Force Sensitive sword master has learned to commune with the Living Force, and is able to harness its power for regenerative purposes.
  • Force Sensitive Mastery V - Levels 86-89
    The defensive benefits of the Soresu fighting style emphasize quick reflexes and fast movement. This is one of the most important techniques for the Force sensitive sword master to learn.
  • Jedi - Level 90
    Before completing the final lesson, the Force sensitive sword master must fully learn the attack techniques of the Vaapad fighting style. A sword master trained to use these quick and powerful strikes is certainly someone to be reckoned with.

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