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Sy Snootles


Sy is the singer for the Max Rebo house band in Jabba's Palace. Pre-NGE you could hear her singing to the tunes of Rebo's band; for some reason, the audio has been disabled since then and the throneroom is silent, except for the snorts of Gamorrean Guards and the mechanical tread of the ominous B'omarr Monks.

Other members of the band include:

Star Wars LoreEdit

The Pa'lowick singer Sy Snootles was the lead vocalist for the Max Rebo Band while they were playing for Jabba the Hutt. She was a very close friend with dancer Greeata, and did not sign to sing for Jabba until Greeata's position was secured as well. Snootles also had a great relationship with fellow band member Droopy McCool. One of Snootles' most famous songs was "Lapti Nek," also a favorite of Jabba. Her most notable characteristic was an incredibly long lip stalk. After Jabba's death she went broke.


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