Ithes olok

Dr. Ithes Olok

Rewards: Chu-Gon Dar Cube

You start by talking to Ithes Olok in the Mensix Mining Facility.

/way mustafar 435 -1215 Ithes Olok;

Find the RuinsEdit

They are located at /way 326 -2975.

The TabletsEdit

There are three ancient tablets to find in the area, just use radial menu on them to make a copy.
They are located at waypoints:

/way mustafar 336 -2981 Chu-Gon Tablet #1;
/way mustafar 329 -3023 Chu-Gon Tablet #2;
/way mustafar 262 -3021 Chu-Gon Tablet #3;

Return the NotesEdit

Just return to Ithes Olok and give him your copies of the tablet. He will offer your reward and some glowing items for a test. A Barely Glowing Old Cup, a Barely Glowing Datapad and a Barely Glowing Worklight.

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